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      Tagging Equipment

Tagging guns are used everyday by manufacturers as well as retailers. Using the Meto tag gun is an efficient way to attach swing tags to products enabling promotional or general information about the product to be attached. The Standard Tagging gun is used for general goods while the fine tagging gun is used on products where a finer/thinner tagging pin is required.  Soft toys, clothing, socks, underwear and items requiring a small hook are just a few examples of the use of Meto's various tagging equipment.
Tagging Guns

Standard & Fine
tagging gun
Tagging Pins

Standard & Fine
15mm, 25mm & 65mm lengths

Tagging Hooks

The 35mm tagging hooks also use the Meto tagging gun to easily attach the hook to a product which can then be hung appropriately
tagging pins
Swing Tags

49x29mm white swing tag
Printed Swing Tags available on request


swing tags

Standard, Heavy Duty & Fine

tagging needles
METO Fastener Loop Tool

"The METO Fastener is the ideal tool for tagging apparel. Its unique loop system lets you tag delicate garments without perforation and apply tags to solid items such as luggage and sporting goods".

fastner loop tool
LOOP Locks /Ties

Loop locks (sometimes known as loop ties) are available in 3 sizes:

75mm, 150mm and 225mm

The loops are simply locked by manually pushing the ends together


Loop Lock