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HANG TABS are made from clear, sturdy plastic with an adhesive section that will stick on most surfaces.  The hang tabs are ideal for hanging lightweight items onto peg hooks or free standing counter racks.  The hang tabs can also be used to repair or reinforce damaged packaging. Hang tabs can be used to increase visibility of products.

Benefits are many and include:  

  • Boost to sales
  • Increase in brand awareness
  • Merchandising opportunities can be maximised
  • Products can be placed at eye level
  • Impulse purchases can be increased
  • Product volumes in small areas can be increased
  • Repair or reinforcemnent of current packaging is simple


Hangtab Delta
(Not shown to exact size)


Retailers know that shoppers stop shopping once their basket is full or becomes too heavy to carry.  Our rolling shopping baskets offer the ideal solution with a massive 28 litre capacity (against the standard 20 litre wire basket)  and at the same time, even when full, the basket is simple and easy to manoeuvre.

The baskets are:
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeurvre
  • Can be supplied EAS ready
  • Have an innovative design
  • Are stackable for easy storage
  • Have 2 handles to enable either carrying or rolling
  • Weigh only 1.3kg
  • Available in green or red
  • Available with individual store logo design, on request

Rolling Shopping Basket



METO SECURITY LABELS are reliable and can be applied quickly. Many can also be dispensed with hand held Meto Labellers. Integration with a Meto security system ensures that products can be priced and protected all in one operation. A variety of sizes are available as shown below:

meto security meto security
Product Code Label Size Description Comments
592900-610013 26x16mm Plain White EM Label Can be used with the Meto 2026 Pricemarker
544928-6100382 32x19mm Dummy Barcode EM Label Application by hand
50mm Dummy Barcode Deactivatable EM Label Application by hand
508006-6100389 32mm Clear Deactivatable EM Strip Application by hand
508004-6100388 50mm Clear Deactivatable EM Strip Application by hand

ESTAPE is a new packaging seal and merchandising solution that saves time in sealing packages. Easy to use and easy to remove, it has been designed with a non stick area that allows easy re-opening of the seals and is ideal in bakeries, gift shops, CD shops, supermarkets, food and beverage stores and more.
estape package Some examples of uses of Estape packaging seals are in sealing of lids on to take-away coffee and drink containers and foods that require lids. Food, fruits and vegetables can be hygienically sealed. The tape is easy to place on the container and the non stick area allows for customers to remove the tapes and re-apply if needed thus adding to the safety aspect if the product needs to be moved or re-used.

Retail merchandising products cover a wide range including