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The Meto 1932 gun is set up with 12 numeric bands on the top line and 7 large print bands on the bottom line.  Using the particular model the dispensed label displays the number that has just been changed.  With the models below the change only occurs once the second label has been dispensed.

Please note that the 1932 price guns can be used for dating products by using the top line of the print with a numeric date.

In addition to the popular 1932 price gun models, other models including the Meto 2132 and Meto 2332 with a greater number of bands on the print head are also available.

Please contact us for further information on the benefits of each type.

Meto 32x19mm labels to suit the above guns

Meto 32 Series Ink Rollers

Meto Gun Repairs

Other sizes available in price guns and date guns

For enquiries regarding Meto Series 32 guns including the Meto 1932 , Meto 2132 and Meto 2332 guns please contact us