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We have great offers on 21x12mm labels including a free price gun or date gun.

Customise your labels with your company details at no extra charge
(subject to minimum quantities).

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21x12 Labels can be used with
many brands of guns including:

Jolly JH8
Sato Kendo
Blitz PH8
Motex 5500
Primak JSL

Jolly price gun

Primark price gun

          JOLLY       PRIMARK

21x12 mm labels suit a variety of brands including
Jolly, Sato, Primark, Blitz PH8, Motex 5500,
Samark and Royal.

21x12mm price gun label

Ink Rollers for Jolly and Primark guns are available.

» White labels 21x12 - Permanent & Removable adhesives
» Fluoro Yellow labels 21x12 - Permanent & Removable adhesives
» Labels 21x12 also available in Best Before, Use By labels and Packed On labels and Sale labels
» Choice of additional label colours and adhesives available if labels made to specification
» 20 rolls per sleeve
» 240 rolls per carton
» No ink rollers included as this product suits many guns.  Please order seperately