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Day Dot Labels
(Day labels not shown to exact size)
DAY LABELS are used for identification .  Day labels can be used in conjunction with quality management systems and are an aid in the area of health and safety.  These labels are used widely in food services and are used to assist in the control of food management to:
  • Ensure food safety
  • Manage food serving and rotation
  • Promote freshness of food to customers
  • Comply with local food safety legislation
  • Capture date coding on individually prepared food
The labels have a 26mm diameter and are available with either removable or freezer adhesive.

Optional extras
  • cardboard dispenser boxes
  • plastic label holder which holds 7 dispenser boxes and can be wall mounted
  • dispenser tool for quick and easy application


Due to container deposit legislation (CDL), relevant containers sold in South Australia require that a range of beverage containers include
a 10c deposit which must be included in the retail price of the product and be refunded when the container is returned to a collection point.

In order to facilitate retailers and wholesalers in the application of a label to display the availability of the 10c refund to customers, Gleeson Agencies now have a pre-printed label than can be easily applied with the aid of a label dispenser.  It makes the job quick, easy and is very economical. Contact us for further information.

Product of Australia Labels

Due to Australian legislation. "Product of Australia" labels can be custom made with your requirements and can be dispensed from a gun.  Example below. 

21x12 Product of Australia, 120 Rolls, includes 6 sleeves (120,000 labels) (includes free Jolly dispenser)

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