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    Alphabet Guns 

Meto Alphabet Guns enables you to utilise the ability of having A-Z coding with or without numeric coding.  There are several options available in the Meto alphabet gun.  Some examples include:

Coding Guns - alphabet coding and numeric coding on the top line of print can incorporate PLU numbers, growers codes or batch codes with pricing or dating used on the bottom line of print

Use alphabet bands on the top line to advertise your business name whilst pricing or dating on the bottom line of print

Contact us with your particular requirements and we will endeavour to incorporate your needs with the wide variety of options available.

Available alphabet gun sizes with full alphabet capability include:

Meto 1522 alphabet tool
Meto 2026 alphabet tool

For Alphabet guns in the below sizes please contact us for number bands to be replaced with alphabet bands.  This is a custom job.

Meto 1932 tool
Meto 1829 tool
Meto 3329 tool

An alternative way of coding your costs on the price ticket is to use one of the 10 letter word coding options that are available.  By using the alphabet coded word you can dial up the cost as a dollar value but it prints in alphabet letter format which can then be translated back to a dollar cost when required.  This of course allows you to easily determine the original cost of the item at a glance whilst customers are unable to do so.  The cost coding bands are available on the Meto 1522 and the Meto 2026 pricing guns.

Ink rollers for all of the above guns are available

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Contact Gleeson Agencies for any enquiries regarding an Alphabet Gun